Too much rain..BIALL Conference Day 2

Monday, 18 June 2007

Although the theme of this years conference was "Too much information" most peoples impressions of Sheffield will be of too much rain. Fortunately the rain didn't affect the quality of the Parallel sessions on Day 2.

Law Wikis in Practice was an excellent introduction to the use of Wikis by Law Firms and other organisations with Martin Farley not only pointing out the main incentives for creating a Wiki but also some of the potential pitfalls/drawbacks.

I feel it would be rather inappropriate to talk about my own session so I wont but anyone who attended A new legal partnership: Collaboration in the design of a New Module is welcome to comment on it.

The final parallel session I attended on day two was Amanda McKenzies' talk on providing a current awareness service to Solicitors this was an interesting talk which made me think about the way our current system works and what could be improved.

I would have loved to have attended Kathryn Pearson's talk on the KM approach at Bird & Bird but was otherwise occupied with LIG's session. For more information Day two Neil Stewart has provided an excellent summary of the some of the other sessions.

The evening of Day 2 saw BIALL members enjoy an "evening of elegance" at Cutlers Hall with Family Law Journal and 7Side announced as the winners of the LJA and CRIA.

Posted by James Mullan at 13:50  


James, I thought your session was excellent. It was really refreshing and honest - no large scale IT or information management project ever runs smoothly!
A bit dissapointed that you didn't come on stage to 'Don't pay the ferryman', but maybe next time round you can squeeze a bit of De Burgh in.

John Franssen said...
19 June 2007 at 09:35  

John, glad you enjoyed the session. I really wanted to ask those present what their favourite Chris De Burgh song was but...I couldn't tie that in to any of the other slides, shame really.

If you were to ask me directly I have to say "Lady in Red" now thats a sign of a misspent youth. Although I definitely wouldn't watch the video

James Mullan said...
19 June 2007 at 12:40  

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