Monday, 24 September 2007

HeinOnline have just launched a blog to promote and advertise the content on their products. In their words the blog "will offer insight to our newest products, notify customers of our latest interface enhancements, and share tips to help improve customers research experience. Anyone from students and librarians to professionals world-wide will be able to use our blog to communicate with our development team, share tips with other subscribers, or simply to read what other HeinOnline users are saying".

Additionally Hein we will be offering Blog giveaways to their faithful readers!

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Its a SCOOP!

Friday, 21 September 2007

The Standing Committee on Official Publications (SCOOP) now have their own column in the CILIP Update. Unfortunately the column isn't available online currently, but it looks like it will be useful for keeping up with updates in Public Sector Information.

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From Athens to...where?

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

...Shibboleth, that's right Shibboleth and no our Geography hasn't gone awry.

The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) are moving from Athens to a new national access management system called Shibboleth by July 2008. After July 2008 Athens will still exist but will become a subscription based service so JISC are encouraging any Academic Libraries who are currently using Athens to adopt the new system.

This is an important area for Academic Law Librarians as Athens authentication allows students to log on seamlessly to Commercial Databases like Westlaw and the Lexis Nexis Butterworths Global Platform. Information World Review has a number of articles on Athens which may also be of interest.

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LexisNexis re-brands its UK news service

In response to user "confusion" over LexisNexis' product names and how similar they are, LNB is re-branding its news and business service to Nexis UK.

For any organisation that subscribes to the U.S Nexis.com platform you're in for a confusing time as this is also called Nexis, the only difference being that when using the site you wont see the distinctive UK symbol next to Nexis.

Making Your Case: BIALL Study Seminar

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

This year’s BIALL Study Seminar will take place in Edinburgh, on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th December 2007. BIALL’s Professional Standards and Development Committee has put together a programme of seminars on the theme of making an effective business case.

Apart from a host of seminars presented by leading figures from the world of legal information management the 2 day seminar will also include a guided tour of the The Signet Library and a formal dinner.

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Top tips for social success

Friday, 14 September 2007

Ruth Ward from Allen & Overy has written an interesting item in this week's Law Society Gazette. Ruth shares her knowledge and experience of bringing blogs and wikis to her law firm and also using social software to interact with A&O's clients. You'll also find 10 succinct top tips on how to realise the business benefits of social software.

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Halsbury’s Awards 2007

Monday, 10 September 2007

Following in the footsteps of Cate Blanchett's award for playing Bob Dylan in 'I'm not there' at the Venice Film Festival, BIALL and LexisNexis are proud to announce the Halsbury's Awards 2007.

There are 3 categories available to nominate your own team:

  • Halsbury's Award for Best Regional Legal Information Service (commercial sector)
  • Halsbury's Award for Best London Legal Information Service (commercial sector)
  • Halsbury's Award for Best Legal Information Service (Non-commercial sector)

Get nominating as awards such as these not only help raise the profile of the legal information profession to the wider world but are also a really good way of raising your team's profile within your own organisation.

The award ceremony is due to take place at Inner Temple on 16th October. Deadline for nominations is 25th September.

Are you "irked" by a lacklustre service?

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

The latest issue of Information World Review includes an article by Tim Buckley-Owen on the market for Legal and Regulatory Information.

Although not hugely detailed the main discussion points are the "high prices" and "poor service" delivered by the major legal information companies, specifically naming Thomson (with its Westlaw and Sweet & Maxwell services) and LexisNexis (including the Butterworths and Tolley brands) as two of the main culprits.

A revealing article with some interesting quotes from consultants and leading legal publishers.

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B is for...BIALL

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Recently the BIALL PR Committee launched the BIALL Abbreviations list, this looks like it will be a useful resource for BIALL members and the abbreviations that are often used amongst committees.

Of course it's not the only list of abbreviations available, the following is a short-list of useful resources;

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Legal Information Management in a Global and Digital Age

"Blogosphere, folksonomy, the long tail, mashups, social bookmarking, tagging, filters, information architecture, podcasting, harvesting web content. These terms do not evoke the familiar library we are used to, but they have entered our daily lives as librarians. Times have changed drastically, and the information revolution is underway."

This is the introduction to an excellent article published on LLRX.com. The article looks in detail at the challenges faced by Law Librarians in a new "information economy" foremost amongst these challenges are;

  • The Internet and Globalization
  • Information Overload and Web 2.0
  • The impact on Legal Research
  • The Changing roles for Law Librarians

A in-depth and very interesting look at some of the forces that are leading change.

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