Bloomberg seminars

Thursday, 25 October 2007

I attended a very interesting free hour long seminar today on Equities and Bonds, held at the Bloomberg offices in Finsbury Square, Moorgate, London. The presentation was aimed at giving an understanding into how the markets worked in a simple, concise and clear manner. There was the option after the seminar to have a free buffet lunch and ask the Bloomberg staff even more questions.

I feel I now understand more of the jargon and how some of the elements relate to each other. There are more in seminars planned in the series and they intend to advertise these via lis-law.

The sessions are open to subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

Fiona Durrant

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LexisNexis free training

The free coffee break training site is now live:

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Sweet and Maxwell Customer Forum

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

I attended the Sweet and Maxwell customer forum on Wednesday 17th and apart from a very filling lunch of Guinea Fowl learned a lot about what they have in the pipeline (keep an eye out for Web Plus) as well as some concerns from customers, (mostly about currency of online legislation, packaging of books and delays to deliveries).

There was also a general update on some changes to technology and although not directly relevant, a seriously interesting video about 'photosynth' see: and a less than ordinary 'coffee table' really caught our imagination, see it at:

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...and the winners are...

Three Library & Information Services have received Halsbury's awards for their contributions to the sector as a whole. At the awards ceremony (held at the Inner Temple Hall) attendees were treated to a lavish reception, and at the presentation of the awards themselves, the winners were:

Following the presentation of the awards all present were treated to a performance from
"The Jazz Trio" whilst the wine flowed and canapes were consumed. More details and photographs of the event will be provided via the BIALL web-pages shortly. If you were present and took a photo and would like to make it available either here or on the BIALL Web site just let me know.

London Libraries & Information Community

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Neil Stewart at Library etc has posted about what looks like a really useful resource. The London Libraries & Information Community is described as a site for "News and events of interest to information professionals in and around London, UK"

Currently only CILIP are posting to the online calendar, with the hope being that both BIALL, CLIG and CIG will begin to post events.

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BEUG meeting

Friday, 5 October 2007

Butterworths Electronic User Group (BEUG) meeting 4 October 2007 - summary of key items of interest

The meeting was well attended and there was good debate with some good attempt at answers by LN, even if if some felt they weren't quite as full and directed as we might have liked! Official meeting minutes will follow so below are just a few quick notes.

· There are plans for more targeted practice area training
· Practice area guides are available in ten different areas, contact reps for copies

E-Learning for information professionals and CPD webinars for Lawyers

Coffee Break
- pre-recorded sessions and live 15 minute presentations
- Free
- Demonstrating LNB products and providing training on new platform

CPD Webinars
- Live lunchtime training programmes
- Available post event as recordings
- will be eligible for CPD
- will include high profile speakers/authors
- Starting with Employment and Dispute Resolution
- Priced

Customer Service
· The 0845 number is now open 8am - 8pm to take Content and Support calls
· If you use the 01483 Platinum number this will automatically divert to the general number after hours
· They are looking at moving online and content support further up the line of options
· Plan more e-support functions for customers including
o online order/despatch history
o e-invoicing
o web chat
o improvements to bulk distribution

· Developments so far
o Improvements to alerts
o Acronymn searching on Legislation e.g. icta
o EF&P, All ER, IRLR you can browse by a subject INDEX, not just TOC, use the drop down at the top of the tree on the left-hand side
o Improvements to Is it in Force
· Developments due
o From Finder for EF&P
o Delivery management to allow you to add items to a 'folder' and print/download all items collected with a contents list
o Design upgrage to LNB (not a new platform) - due Q2 2008
§ Fewer drop downs - to bring popular functions to the fore
§ Simpler legislation search (this did look better)
§ Simpler home page
§ better customisation for client admin, to include non LNB links
§ all of the above has no effect on existing links
§ plan to give librarians prototype access and training resources

Questions / Answers

· Lexis Professional is due to be switched off June 2008 and reps will talk with customers about migration
· Charges for integration with federated search engines etc reflect costs incurred in supporting these systems
· Pricing is based on cost, investment and content
· From Legislation if you choose to find related commentary or cases from the section of an Act you get just items relevant to that section, but if you are in a specific article of an SI you get items relevant to the entire SI - this is due to the nature of the material and less info being on SIs but LN are looking at ways of making this clearer
· Usage figures only available via reps but you can choose frequency and reps are supported by a sales support team. No plans at present to have usage figures within LNB. If you have Power Invoice then this does give some data.
· FT issue came up and it was explained it was part of a trend and we'd have to pay more.

Legal Reference Materials courses

Two Legal Reference Materials (LRM) courses are taking place in London in November and December in London. The LRM course provides practical guidance and hands on training on how to research case law and legislation using a wide range of online and hardcopy tesources. The LRM is aimed at librarians who are relatively new to law librianship.

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BEUG meeting

Thursday, 4 October 2007

This afternoon (Thursday 4th October) is the Butterworths Electronic User Group (BEUG) meeting at the Café Royal at Piccadily Circus. I will report back with 'key themes' in a latter blog entry so watch this space...

This meeting is usually a good opportunity to air key concerns and to hear about planned developments and how LexisNexis intend to address concerns.

Fiona Durrant

CLA Open Meeting

Monday, 1 October 2007

The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) held its first ever open meeting on the 20th of September.

The delegates consisted of authors, content producers and publishers as well as licence holders (Librarians and knowledge management professionals in education and business organisations)The main focus of the meeitng was on the implications for the CLA of the growing use of digital information and the impact of Web 2.0 and related online developments as well as a report on the CLA's financial and operational performance.

Paul Pedley has a report of the meeting on his Blog Keeping within the Law, where there is also a link to the CLA Annual Review.

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