Dublin a Brief Guide

Monday, 28 April 2008

With only six weeks to go until the BIALL Conference the countdown begins with a series of posts on what you could do whilst in Dublin, apart from attend the conference of course! First up is a link to a guide written by Joe Donnelly (a member of the Legal Information Group) and a native Dubliner!

In the next post...a preview of Joe's Dublin Walking tour...

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The Old Bailey Online

The Old Bailey has just launched a comprehensive archive of the 197,745 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court between 1674-1913.

This looks like an interesting site where much time could be spent!

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Reuters and Thomson now ThomsonReuters

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

On April the 17th, Thomson announced that it had completed its acquisition of Reuters Group, PLC, forming no prizes for guessing... Thomson Reuters, but what household names are actually now part of ThomsonReuters, well here is a selection:

  • FindLaw
  • West
  • Westlaw
  • RoundHall
  • Sweet & Maxwell
  • W Green
...any many more...

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Should we Spring into a Wiki?

Thursday, 17 April 2008

One of the suggestions from the latest Butterworths Electronic User Group (BEUG) was that Lexis Nexis Butterworths (LNB) use a Wiki or Blog to let their customers know about the Spring release of the Global Platform and to keep them updated about any changes, including the removal and addition of content and updates to the system itself.

This seems like a very sensible idea as not only will LNB be able to report on any changes they are making but BIALL members will then be able to comment on theses changes and if LNB decided to use a Wiki potentially edit or add to any documentation that LNB might upload.

What do BIALL members think?

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Do YOU Hein?

Another update from HeinOnline, this week they have announced that they have released their own channel on YOUTube. The channel has videos on how-to find information on the HeinOnline collections, general searching and navigation and ther useful tips and tricks for using the HeinOnline interface.

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Thomson Reuters

Annoucements have been sent to subscribers this morning about the formation today from Thomson Corporation and Reuters Group PLC of Thomson Reuters. Their new logo is shown above.
If you have representatives with the e-mail address @thomson.com - this will be changing to @thomsonreuters.com however those with old addresses will still be forwarded for the time being.

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LN Update

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

I (Fiona Durrant) attended the LNB Legal Product Advisory Board (PAB) at Halsbury house last week and on Monday attended the Butterworths Electronic User Group (BEUG).

The PAB was just about LNB and is more an opportunity for Librarians to feed in what they think about just LNB so they can decide what to prioritize with regard to development. They have 15 core users on the PAB and meet 3 times a year. They have other Advisory Boards for different products and different sectors.

The second one is attended by most of the large subscribers to Lexis online products. There were about 70 attendees at BEUG - but it was hard to tell exactly how many as LN staff were out in force too. There were questions after each session.

I include below some of the key points arising from the presentations and the questions:

  • LNB Spring release still on schedule for 26th April
  • The Spring release will include .pdfs of ICLR cases
  • In later 2008 there will be a 'delivery folder' where you can build up what you want to download
  • a 'copy url' function on selected content (expected June or September), this will be available via an additional delivery icon
  • The option of taking up the FT bridging contract has been extended to end of 30 April 2008 for subscribers whose Lexis contracts were in place before 31 December 2007
  • Professional will be ceasing, but this won't happen until sometime in 2009 and will be maintained (but not developed) by LN for as long as there are a critical mass of users. Lexis have promised that the content moved from Professional is platform irrelevant and users won't pay any more than they pay at the moment. There are really good opportunities to have all the journals and all the case law in one place on LNB. However there are great differences in what users currently take and how they will want to access content in the future - so reps will be having individual consultations with subscribers about their unique set-up and requirements.

Lexis have plans to help law firms integrate their content in ways which suit them. They have worked with FAST, Recommind and Interwoven/Vivisimo. They talked about being able to add value to know-how documents with automated indexing and authorities.

Lexis have some new know-how modules in the pipeline, in addition to the Employment and Disputes ones that have been around for just over a year.

We had a roundtable where Lexis asked about what content areas we felt there were gaps in. General consensus on our table was international tax could be better organised and offer more in the way of content, also climate change and environment.

Lexis are investigating about why they are unable to do an abstracting service for the FT under the terms of their licence with the FT.

Lexis also agreed to look at how to improve communication with the possibility of a Wiki or Blog in which to share information on a common product, topic or theme suggested by one delegate ;-)

I do hope I've got the information down right, it is as far as I know, but as you will appreciate sometimes understanding can be down to the way the attendee interpreted something - if anyone has anything to add or correct do use the 'comment' option below.

Fiona Durrant

Has the Internet Failed to Provide Public Access to Law?

Friday, 11 April 2008

That is the question asked by Outlaw in an interview with BAILII Executive Director Joe Ury. BAILII has been working on the Open Law Project, which will see them publish the 3000 most important decisions in English common law to the BAILII Website.

As part of this project BAILLI approached academics at leading institutions and asked them what they considered to be imporant decisions in their areas of expertise. It then sought permission to publish these.

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LexisNexis become FT Channel Partner

Monday, 7 April 2008

Further to recent posts on this topic, the FT have announced that LexisNexis have agreed to be a channel partner and will carry FT content after 1 April 2008.

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Have Your Say!

Thursday, 3 April 2008

A reminder that 'Have Your Say' at the BIALL Conference will consider issues raised via this blog as well as those from the conference floor.

So if you're not able to attend this year, but have a burning issue to raise, this is the place to do it via the comments. You can comment anonymously.