BIALL President in "Race for Life"

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

This Sunday will see Jackie Fishleigh the current BIALL President run 5k in memory of Zosia Carson a friend and colleague of many BIALL members.

The event which takes place on Epsom Downs Racecourse will raise funds for Cancer Research to continue the great work they do. So if you haven't already why not think about sponsoring Jackie. The next post on the BIALL Blog will be an interview with Jackie, not straight after she has finished the race though!

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CLA Open Meeting - 17 June 2008

Monday, 23 June 2008

The CLA annual bash at City Hall was the place to be seen for a wide range of information professionals last week...

...City Hall is best know as home to the Mayor of London, the London Assembly and the GLA, who in 2002 became tenants of this striking rounded glass building on the south bank of the Thames near Tower Bridge. Members of the public may visit parts of City Hall Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm and on occasional weekends. The view of Tower Bridge is stupendous and guests to the CLA event had the chance to be interviewed by a film crew with the Bridge in the background. They were looking for good soundbytes to three rather convoluted questions on copyright.

The meeting was essentially a celebration of the CLA's 25th anniversary, so it was quite general in nature. The panel discussion (chaired by Newsnight’s Gavin Eisler) examined "CLA in the digital age" and "the future of the book". Publishers on the panel addressed the need for complete content licensing rather than specifiying the medium. They also said that young people think internet content is free of copyright but it is not too late to reclaim the ownership. They thought that education would be the best way to tackle this, rather than by adding to legislation. It seems that publishers have not yet allowed content on wiki’s and blogs but this is being considered. The CLA spokesperson reported that developments are imminent on EU and foreign copyright. The panel talked briefly about the need for a 'trusted advisor' to help the user filter what can be found on all the new media.

There was a brief question period in which one questioner from the floor asked about publishers' thoughts on copyright for 'Second Life' - the panel had no answers to this. There was also an interesting comment that the new academic digital licence was about seven years behind the technology, whereas the pharmaceutical digital licence was only about three years behind.

The highlight was Gyles Brandreth's wonderful and somewhat quirky, talk on "the future of the book in the digital age". A report of the event is also available on the CLA Website.

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BIALL Conference - The finale

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The 2008 BIALL Conference finished with a bang on Friday as BIALL members enjoyed a champagne reception in the Long Room at Trinity College followed by the Presidents dinner at the Mansion House. This was an evening to celebrate the success of both individuals and organisations as the BIALL President presented the Customer Relations Initiative Award, the Legal Journals Award, The Wallace Breem Award and the Wildys Law Librarian of the Year.

Next year the Conference will be held in Manchester and looks like it will be just as interesting with the theme "Locks and Keys"

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BIALL Conference - Day 2

Friday, 13 June 2008

Day 2 of the BIALL Conference started bright and bleary eyed with Plenary sessions delivered by Martin De Saulles, Margaret Flood, Peter Clinch, Sue Hill, Heather Semple and Marguerite Most. Topics covered ranged from The future of Information Work to Researching the Law in Northern Ireland and Teaching Law Practice in Technology.

The afternoon sessions will cover Web 2.0 in Practice, Presentation Skills, Federated Search and updates on CanLII and BAILII.

In the evening BIALL members will enjoy the President's Reception at Trinity College followed by the BIALL Annual Dinner at Mansion House with the Customer Service Award, Legal Journals Award, Law Librarian of the Year Award and the Wallace Breem Award being presented.

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BIALL Conference Day 1

Day 1 of the BIALL Conference saw the day kick off with Jennefer Aston welcome delegates to Dublin and all that the city had to offer. Unfortunately the BIALL Members couldn't bring sunshine with them as the Conference started with black clouds overhead, thankfully the rain didn't affect the sessions that were held during the day...

...with plenary sessions from Lesley Robinson and Richard Susskind and an "interactive" session led by Janice Edwards on Web 2.0 BIALL Members ended day one feeling enthused and ready to take ideas back to their organisations.

"Have your Say" generated some interesting discussion, especially around the Conference and the BIALL Salary Survey, notes from "Have your say" will be available on the BIALL Website. The day/night ended with BIALL members rocking away to the sound of the "Glitter Bugs" a KISS tribute band. Day 2 promises to be just as interesting with parallel sessions and the BIALL AGM promising much!

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BIALL Conference Dublin 2008

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

The 2008 BIALL Conference starts officially tommorow with the pre-conference seminar today. For last minute news on the Conference have a look at this page on the BIALL Website. The BIALL Blogger is hoping for good weather, but isn't staking his home on it being sunny during the Conference...

If you have anything you would like to say about the Conference via the Blog please do let us know as we will be blogging from Conference.

See you all there!

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Final (blog) reminder - Have Your Say

Monday, 9 June 2008

If you've got things you'd like to see raised at Conference and you're not attending, have a look at the original post and make your comments now!

If you are coming to Dublin you can submit topics for consideration by dropping by the BIALL members' stand.

You can comment anonymously on the blog and concerns raised in person at the stand can be presented by the Chair on your behalf if you wish.

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Big discounts at the BIALL Conference!

Friday, 6 June 2008

If you're a BIALL Member and are attending the Conference the wait is almost over! The BIALL Blogger is certainly looking forward to all that Dublin has to offer and hearing about the future of the legal information profession.

If you want to do some reading when you get back home, then the good news is that many of the publications produced by BIALL are available with some big discounts if you order them at Conference! Order forms will be available on the BIALL Stand as well as sample copies of the publications.

Copies won't actually be available at the Conference for you to take away - but that has the advantage that there will be more room in your suitcase for duty free! If unfortunately you can't make it to the Conference - you can still take advantage of this offer by downloading the order form.

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Using LinkedIn?

Thursday, 5 June 2008

If you use LinkedIn, a Social Networking site for professionals, which is similar to Facebook but involves less Vampires and Walls, then you might be interested in joining a new group on the site.

The new group called Law Librarians is a group of well...Law Librarians from across the globe. Joining the group should provide other opportunities to network with peers.

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Wikipedia or bust...

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Recently there has been a lot of discussion on LIS-LAW around the use of Wikipedia by students, trainees and fee-earners. The discussions initial focus was on an article about Intestacy which contained incorrect information, this became a much wider discussion about how Wikipedia and other free resources are currently being used...'s interesting to see how Wikipedia is being used or not being used by Information Professionals in the Legal Community and how there is some mistrust of Wikipedia but also some good examples of people using Wikipedia to provide overviews of topics or as a place for finding additional resources.

In the US the discussion over Wikipedia as a source for information has been going on for much longer and the following just provide a taster of what people are talking about:

So what do BIALL members think, Wikipedia useful source if used critically and carefully or disaster waiting to happen?

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Last...but certainly not least

Monday, 2 June 2008

In a minor change to the Conference Programme the very last session of the Conference will see Samantha Steer from Sweet & Maxwell talk about Information Managers in the 21st Century.

Samantha will cover key findings from the Sweet & Maxwell Survey "Information Managers in the 21st Century" which was previously mentioned on the BIALL Blog The Survey was conducted in September 2007, prompted by the changes in the legal market, including the changes that will follow from the Legal Services Act, and the wider availability of new technology, allowing the faster delivery of legal information.

The survey attracted the attention of the press, featuring in the Law Society Gazette and the CILIP Library and Information Gazette.

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A light grilling...

Jennefer Aston current BIALL Chair and native Dubliner has very kindly agreed to answer some questions for the BIALL Blog about her tenure, Dublin and the Conference that takes place next week.

The Conference

There are only 10 days to the start of the Conference, what reasons would you give for attending?

With only 10 days to go until the start of the conference I am delighted that we will have over 400 delegates this year so a great opportunity for networking & professional development, a bigger exhibition with more suppliers, and of course location - you absolutely should come to Dublin.

What one piece of advice would you give anyone attending the Conference for the first time?

Take full advantage of the opportunity to meet & network with colleagues from all the sectors - talk to as many people as possible - don't just stick to the faces you know already.

What session are you looking forward to most?

I confess that at times I have been thinking it is the first or then again the last but more
seriously I have always enjoyed hearing Richard Susskind speak

Your tenure

What does the BIALL Chair do in the course of a year, do you just attend meetings all the time?

I tried to ask that before I started but to no avail! Yes there have been a lot of meetings but also an opportunity to think about how we do things which up to now I had just expected to be done for me by BIALL. I did receive an outline which was helpful as it set out the formal role & the number of meetings, what it didn't prepare me for was the number of emails and phone calls that are part of the day. I was lucky enough to attend a variety of meetings of different committees as well that showed me all the work that is done on a daily basis on our behalf.

What have you enjoyed most?

Getting to see the real working of BIALL and working with such a range of people and expertise

Is there anything or anyone you are going to miss?

The exchange of information that is so immediate and interesting before during and at meetings and - I feel there is still more to do.


What sort of a welcome can BIALL members expect from Dublin?

A "blooming" good one - couldn't resist that! Dubliners will be looking forward to a Joycean Bloomsday. I can't guarantee the weather but i think and hope the welcome will be warm.

What are the "must-see" sights?

I have to say the Book of Kells & the Long Room are my must. I have seen a great range of library interiors over the years and I think it is a wonderful space. At the other extreme I know a number of colleagues who would say the shopping.

Guinness or Wine?

Ah here I have to say my personal preference has always been wine BUT after years of visitors I can assure you that you should get a very different and better Guinness than you are used to - if you need tips on which pubs to try I will happily advise.

Thanks to Jennefer for very kindly agreeing to answer our questions. I'm sure everyone is going to Dublin is looking forward to it immensely.

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