Copyright licence extended for digital use

Friday, 31 October 2008

The BIALL Blog is a bit late reporting on this, but it's good news and we like reporting good news!

Finally after were sure many months on negotiations with publishers the Copyright Licensing Agency has completed the development of a "Digital Licence" for Law Firms.

From the 1st of November, the new law licence will offer additional benefits to the existing photocopying rights, law firms will be able to scan articles, store them electronically (although not it would appear on Intranets or Know How systems) and distribute them externally to clients.

Good news for Law Firms and as the CLA says in its press release "demand will be high"

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Happy Halloween!

It's Friday it's Halloween could there be a better reason to post the following:

Have a great Halloween!

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Law Librarians’ Role in Developing Associates

Do Law Librarian's have a role in the development of Associates (Fee-earners)? This is the subject of this article in Professional Legal Management Week Magazine.

[Hat Tip - Strategic Librarian Blog]

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Death of Blogging?

Thursday, 23 October 2008

In the Wired article, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook Make Blogs Look So 2004, blogging is pronounced dead.

Having to compete with professional journalist teams that can produce 30 posts a day and the simplicity of one line updates Facebook and Twitter provide are a couple of the reasons for the blog's so-called demise.

However, the article overlooks that blogs serve an important role in disseminating information and engaging discussion, especially for niche groups like Biall.

And, ironically, the article has precipitated a profusion of responses in the blogging world so it may be a bit early to announce the Blog's time of death... at least this one's!

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Digitising Hansard

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

As reported in the latest CILIP Update the digitisation of Hansard, the official report of debates in Parliament is nearing completution and the team responsible for its development are looking for feedback on how they can improve the site.

Contemporary versions of Hansard (from 2005 onwards) will continue to be available on the UK Parliament Website.

If you want to assist with the development of this site, there is a Google Group which users can join and comment on current features and future developments as well as a Blog which the development team are using to highlight developments to the site.

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Update on the BIALL Website

Friday, 10 October 2008

Earlier this year the BIALL Web Committee (BWEB) asked BIALL Members for their feedback on the BIALL Website. Encouragingly, there was a great response rate, with 136 BIALL members taking the time to respond. Of the 136 responses received the majority agreed that the BIALL Website needs a refresh and a new look (75% of respondents), should be better structured and there should be a better search.

Other interesting points to note include:

  • 96% of respondents currently use the website
  • Only 66% of respondents "usually found what they want" on the website
  • 37% of respondents use the website on a weekly basis
  • Conference pages, the BIALL Diary/BIALL news and Job Board/careers information are the areas most used
  • Wikis and RSS feeds were the 2 most desired options to be made available on a new website.

All the responses from the survey are available on the BIALL Website

So what are BWEB doing about the BIALL Website?

Good question, and the answer may appear to have been not a lot up until now, but we’ve actually been really busy behind the scenes working on documentation to support a project to rebuild the website.

Right now were at the tender stage and hope to have approved the Web Design Company who will rebuild the website by early November. Once we know who this company is, well let all BIALL members know and provide a timeframe for the completion of the project.

If you have any questions about the Project do email a member of the BWEB Sub-committee:

Jennifer Vass - Project Manager
James Mullan
Davina Gifford
John Franssen
Brian Thomas

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Court in the crunch

An interesting article here from the Information World Review blog, which will strike a chord with anyone who uses Reed Elsevier (Lexis Nexis Butterworths) or Thomson Reuters.

The article discusses how LNB and TR continue to dominate the legal market but "the two big hitters acknowledge they face stiff competition from more specialised providers, and some users are anxious not to tie themselves in too closely to one provider"

The article also asks, how in the face of economic downturn not just in the UK but around the World customers are reacting?

Well good and bad news...the bad news...

“The suppliers do not appear to have taken on board the fact that times are tough”

...the good news...

"...suppliers continue to innovate in their efforts to get closer to their users"

So this means developing tools like RSS Feeds, federated search, social networking sites, which publishers hope will make the research process "easier" and "quicker" for all.

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UK Parliament Labs

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A new blog here dedicated not to the science of producing an MP but to the work of the Web team at the Houses of Parliament. From the Blog:

"This is a blog from the Web Centre team working in the Houses of Parliament.

Aside from keeping the site up and running and doing daily updates, our team spends its time working on developing the website. We want to tell you about what we’re doing and why"

So all good so far, but even better they also have a Video Content so if you're interested in Big Ben, you can have a look at how it ticks...literally!

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The Update Blog

Monday, 6 October 2008

Earlier this month CILIP Launched the Update Blog, as well as a new look look for CILIP Update and a digitial edition of the magazine. From the introduction to the blog:

"For the first time Update’s regular contributors will share thoughts and concerns not just with CILIP members, but a global community of people who care – about quality information, access to, and the accessibility of, knowledge and information resources, information literacy, economic competitiveness through knowledge-based excellence, and all the business, social and public policy issues that come as part of an information professional’s intellectual and cultural baggage"

If you see something that interests you on the Blog, why not comment, your comment might well be published in the next print edition of Update.

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Ready to argue your cause?

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Then you might be right at home at LexisNexis according to their careers page, which features this video of Andy Prozes (CEO of LexisNexis) talking about what LexisNexis look for in successful applicants.

They are looking for leaders who are innovative, intelligent and, apparently, quarrelsome, or at least people who can argue their point ‘forcefully’ but importantly not for too long..that rules me out then.

Found via the House of Butter Blog

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