14 days and counting...

Thursday, 4 June 2009

...until the official start of the BIALL Conference and the rollout of the new BIALL Website.

I've been heavily involved in the development of the new website so I'm very excited about seeing it finally go live. The website will be demonstrated during "Have your say" and will be officially launched after the Conference. Following its launch you'll be able to see that our new site has been changed to reflect feedback from last year's user survey.

For example, we have stripped down and simplified the navigational structure, incorporated a search engine and have used contemporary technology (such as RSS feeds) whilst also ensuring the website is flexible enough to allow for new developments in the future.

Our main aims were to make sure the website is an essential tool and resource for current members and a rich information source for those interested in joining the law librarianship profession. We have also ensured that it is fully compatible with accessibility guidelines.

BWEB looks forward to getting your feedback at the Conference and post launch. In the meantime I'll keep counting the days until the launch...

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