These times...they are uncertain

Friday, 30 January 2009

Unless you've been out of circulation for a while you cant help but have noticed that were in the middle of a Credit Crisis, or as the Government has finally admitted a recession. So what does this mean for Legal Information Professionals?

Firstly it means it's hard to plan ahead especially when stories like this and this seem to be appearing on a daily basis. If your organisation has experienced job cuts already but not within the Information Department then you may be finding it difficult to progress projects or are under pressure to cut budgets as part of the organisations cost savings.

Secondly if you're considering moving job then as reported in the latest Library & Information Gazette you may find that the market has become much more competitive. The good news is that it's probably too early to say how much impLive Long and Prosper: Demonstrating the Value of your Information Serviceact this recession will have both on organisations and the job market generally and if an organisation does want you in these uncertain times it probably means they REALLY want you.

What's really important to continue doing is demonstrating the value your department/team can provide your organisation. This can be hard to do but there are a number of tools available which can help Libraries demonstrate the value they provide. If you're looking for more information on this subject then look no further then the following;

*Self promotion at its worst *The author is available for interviews at any time

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The Academic Library of the future

Thursday, 29 January 2009

If you work in an Academic Library you might want to check out the work being undertaken by JISC and a number of other organisations, which was reported on the Peter Scott Library Blog late last year.

From the JISC Website:

"JISC, SCONUL, RLUK, the British Library and the Research Information Network (RIN) are to work together on a major strategic initiative which will explore the substantial challenges facing academic libraries as they respond to a period of unparalleled change in the external environment.

Workshops, studies and a combination of partnership and advocacy with key stakeholders in the higher education arena will build on existing work to develop a transformative agenda that will ensure the continuing relevance of libraries to the communities of information creators and users they serve. In particular the study will explore what is best done locally and what is best done through co-operation at national or international level"

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Justis gets a makeover

Friday, 23 January 2009

The new year means many things and for Justis that means a new look. From the Justis website:
"On Thursday 29th January we will be launching the new versions of the Justis and JustCite websites. The changes will take place on the pre-sign-in side of the Justis service.

Please be aware that the Justis service is completely unaffected by this change and you can sign in and search the full-text legal library as normal.

As a user you will notice a distinct change to the look of the site, changes to the layout of support information, closer integration to the JustCite website and a change to the position of the sign-in box."

You can have a sneak preview of the new sites here.

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All the worlds a stage...

Friday, 16 January 2009

...and so it would seem are Libraries. At least if plans by Edinburgh Council go ahead to change the titles of Librarians working in their public libraries from "Librarians" to "Audience Engagement Officers" suddenly I have an image of a Librarian...sorry Audience Engagement Officer holding up a card saying clap, or maybe shsshh would be more appropriate?

Unsurprisingly this hasn't been received well by the Librarians who work for Edinburgh Council with the threat of a strike on the horizon.

It does raise an interesting question though, during your Library career what have your job titles been and what if you could "re-title" yourself would you call yourself?

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BIALL wants to hear from you!!

Monday, 12 January 2009

If you're a BIALL Member then the BIALL PR & Promotions Committee would love to hear from you!

They are looking for members who feel they could write on any of the following topics:

  • The future roles of the commercial information professional, or information management, in the 21st century
  • The use of Web 2.0 technologies, enterprise-wide searching, and federated searching etc - the processes involved and its problems or successes
  • Outsourcing
  • Introductions to finding and understanding a) European legislation and b) US legislation (i.e. state laws v federal laws)
  • A legal professional's take on the recent changes to compliance and anti-money laundering

If you fit the bill contact Anne Coles for more information.

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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Earlier this month BIALL announced the launch of a new mailing list specifically for Academic Law Librarians. From the email sent to the BIALL Mailing List:

"At the BIALL Conference in June 2008 there was a particularly successful
session conducted by Peter Clinch involving issues relating to standards
for academic law libraries.
In order to carry on the discussions about this, and other issues which
are specific to those of us in the academic arena, we put forward a
suggestion at BIALL Council that we set up a mailing list for the
academic group. This suggestion was accepted and the list has now been

In part this list is to provide a sounding board for those colleagues
who are sometimes the only law librarian in their institution, to allow
them to ask questions and raise issues which are not of much interest to
other sectors. It is not our aim for this to be an exclusive group which
does not relate to the BIALL list. Whenever we have any issues of wider
interest we will still turn to the BIALL list as our starting point.
The name of this new list is BI-ALLSIG (British and Irish Academic Law
Librarian Special Interest Group) and if you are a librarian who is
involved in the academic sector, you are invited to join."

This is a jiscmail list so the conventions for joining or leaving the lists as the same as LIS-LAW. If you do have any issues or problems then please contact Ruth Bird or Angela Donaldson for more information.

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