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Monday, 30 March 2009

The BIALL Membership Services Committee is currently looking for new members. This is an ideal opportunity to get involved in BIALL, to network, to learn and help your colleagues in Law Librarianship.

Membership of a BIALL Committee is open to all members of BIALL.

The Membership Services Committee are a small but friendly group and are currently responsible for administering the...

  • Salary Survey
  • Members' information Pack
  • Have Your Say
  • Conference Buddy Scheme
  • Duplicates Exchange Scheme
  • Members' Stand at the annual conference

  • We meet approximately four times a year, usually in London although we can locate meetings elsewhere if funds allow. If you would like to join or find out more about joining, please get in touch with Hazel Eccleston - details on the BIALL website

    And don't forget that your comments and queries for Have Your Say are still wanted!

    BIALL Conference Manchester 2009

    Friday, 20 March 2009

    The latest news from the BIALL Conference Committee is that the basic delegate rate for BIALL Members wishing to attend the Conference will be £340.00. From the BIALL Website;

    "As promised in our last report, we have kept the basic delegate rate as low as possible and are pleased to announce that it will be lower than in previous years. In fact it will be lower than the rate which applied in 2006. The basic delegate rate will be £340.00 – this is for members registering early."

    This is great news for anyone planning to attend the Conference either for the first time or for those people who regularly attend the Conference. I for one will be there and hope to see many of my colleagues within BIALL attend what should be a very interesting Conference.

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    What will the recession bring?

    Wednesday, 18 March 2009

    I know we should try to avoid thinking about the "recession too much but sometimes you can't avoid it, especially when so many people are talking about it. If you do want to read more about "What the recession will bring" then I can thoroughly recommend the follwoing blog posts:

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    You shouldn't judge a book by its cover!

    Monday, 16 March 2009

    The latest in a long run of articles from the Guardian looks at the role of a Librarian. Some highlights from the article (which made us chuckle);

    • "It is a proper profession, you know, like law or accounting"
    • "...librarians, by reputation, are meant to be easy to forget about. They are said to be people who only assert their existence on the rest of us, if they really must, with an occasional fine or explosive shush"
    • "...does any truth remain in the old librarian stereotype? "I assume we're thinking of somebody fairly elderly with a bun, and quite fierce? That kind of stereotype?" Actually, I was thinking of the other one - the mild-mannered, mousey librarian stereotype"
    Apart from the extracts above which stand out it is actually quite a good article. Interspersed with the usual journalistic obsessions with our image/stereotype. I wonder if this is the first thing journalists are taught at Journalism School...Librarians are Mousey!

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    Who, what, when, why and how?

    Monday, 9 March 2009

    Have Your Say - where you ask the questions about BIALL's activities - will once again be taking place at Conference in June.

    This is your formal opportunity to raise issues about the whole range of committees, awards, conference, activities, publications and events that BIALL promotes or produces.

    It's not just the one-off session in Manchester, though, and Membership Services Committee would really encourage you to add your query, comment, suggestion, praise or complaint to the agenda here on the BIALL blog.

    Comments posted here will be used as the basis for the discussions in the HYS slot. Committee chairs or other relevant people will be invited to respond to comments from here and the conference forum.

    Whether you are attending Conference or not, we want to hear from you.

    PLC Key Client Forum 2009

    For anyone who attended the PLC Key Client Forum and even if you didn't PLC have published the presentations from this event.

    You can access the presentations and other documentation from the event in full here.

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    Searching Europa

    Friday, 6 March 2009

    Frustrated, anxious, nervous, fretting? All the symptoms that you've just been asked to search on Europa for something...well fret no more. EU4Journalists have built a search engine for Europa!

    [Hat Tip - The Law Bod Blog]

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    CILIP - Twitterless?

    Thursday, 5 March 2009

    If you don't read Phil Bradley's blog you might have missed this excellent post which is a reponse to a post by Bob McKee on whether CILIP should have an "official" presence on Twitter or other micro-blogging sites and Social Media sites.

    CILIP's official response to whether they should be using Twitter was "The simple answer, of course, is no. In terms of "official" activity, cyber life is just like real like - if it happens in a CILIP-sanctioned space, it's official; if it happens down the pub or in someone else's space, it isn't."

    This is disappointing to say the least and Phil has picked apart the response from CILIP comprehensively. To their credit CILIP have responded not only by commenting on Phil's original post but also by arranging an open session on how CILIP could be using Web 2.0

    I hope to attend this session and will report back via the Blog.

    What this also raises is whether BIALL should have an "official" presence on Twitter or other Social Media sites? We already blog as you will no doubt have noticed ;-) and are keen to explore other methods of communicating with BIALL Members but are there enough members using these tools to justify an official prescence? Thoughts on a postcard or a Blog Comment or a Tweet please!

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    BIALL Solos LinkedIn Group

    Wednesday, 4 March 2009

    The BIALL Solos group have created a LinkedIn page for any Solo Law Librarians who wish to connect with colleagues in similar positions. From the LinkedIn page:

    "The BIALL Solos Group connects legal information professionals working alone or in relative professional isolation. Solo librarian... one man band... one person library...whatever we call ourselves as information professionals working alone we face similar challenges within our professional lives. Connect to this Group and feel free to start discussions."

    The group also recently established a blog which is open to all members of the BIALL Solos Group.

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