LIM goes West!

Thursday, 30 April 2009

If you're a BIALL Personal member you will automatically start receiving the hardcopy of LIM as one of the benefits of membership, but what if you want to access it online though...well now you can...via Westlaw.

This is great news not only because I have a Westlaw Alert which lets me know when any articles on Web 2.0 are published, but because most BIALL Members have access to Westlaw.

If you don't currently subscribe to Westlaw and you're a BIALL Member you can still access LIM via the Cambridge University Press website and if you're not a member you can still read LIM although you will have to pay.

Being creative with Web academic liaison

Monday, 27 April 2009

The latest edition of CILIP Update has a really interesting article in it on how Academic Librarians can use Web 2.0 tools like Ning, Delicious and Nevibes to support academics and students.

The author describes how they initially "played" with the tools but then began to think about how they could be used to "enhance their role"initially using Ning to create a network for Staff and Students to use. This is a really interesting article, which any Academic Law Librarian will be interested in. It's also available online, you do need to be a CILIP member to read it though.

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Does Lexis Library spell the end of Butterworths?

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

In an interesting move Lexis Nexis(LN) have renamed the Lexis Nexis Butterworth's Global Platform Lexis Library. The rebranding hasn't gone un-noticed by the legal community, but what does it really mean?

Many people will say it's simply a case of LN rebranding their premier product so that the title actually means something. It also brings what was Lexis Nexis Butterworths more into line with the other Legal Intelligence products (Lexis Applications, Lexis PSL and Lexis Learning). These are now referred to as "modular products" which presumably means you can pick and choose from the products available.

The big question is what does this mean for Butterworths, has this brand died a death? will it live on but in print only? It will be interesting to see what happens to the Butterworths brand now it has been dropped from such a well used legal product.

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BIALL: The perfect membership organisation?

Monday, 20 April 2009

Is it? Or are there things you'd like to know more about, decisions that have been made, issues that have or haven't been addressed? Is there something that you just plain dislike?

All these - and compliments - can be aired at the Have Your Say session at BIALL's conference. And if you're not coming to Conference, or even if you are, use the comments on this blog to tell us what's on your mind.

The BIALL Web Board needs YOU!

Are you interested in what the web can do for law librarians? Do you want to see BIALL using the best of web 2.0 applications and technologies to support law librarians? Are you interested in blogs, tagging, Twitter, LinkedIn and other web 2.0 apps? Do you want to help make the BIALL website all that it can be? Then the BIALL web board is looking for you!

The BIALL web board is always looking for new members who are interested in progressing the use of the web in law librarianship and supporting BIALL's web needs. We’re responsible for maintaining the BIALL website with the most up to date content and supporting the needs of the BIALL membership through the use of the web. In the past year we have undertaken a major project in redesigning the BIALL website, and maintaining and continuing to develop this site will be a major task over the coming year.

Joining a BIALL committee is a great way to get involved in your professional organisation and develop your professional skills, while meeting new people and being involved in exciting and innovative projects.

If you’re interested, or would like to know more about being on a committee, contact Jennifer Vass - BWEB vice-chair.

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BIALL Website...sneak previews

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The BIALL Web Committee (BWEB) is pleased to offer BIALL members a sneak preview of the *new*all singing, all dancing BIALL Website. This is due to be launched at the Conference in Manchester and the project is proceeding on schedule.

For a sneak preview of the website have a look at the following links. These are the approved designs for the Homepage and Subpages on the Website which have been published as photos to the existing BIALL Website.

Don't forget to tell us what you think either by adding a comment to this post or by emailing anyone on BWEB.

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Manchester Conference Bursaries

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

With only 70 days left until the start of the BIALL Conference many people will be thinking about the cost. Never fear BIALL is here!

This year the Awards and Bursaries Committee are offering a number of bursaries which BIALL members can take advantage of, they include:

  • Betty Moys international bursary
  • Legal Library Services Conference Bursary
  • Sweet & Maxwell Bursary
  • BIALL conference, student and international bursaries

If you're interested in applying for a bursary do get in touch with the Awards and Bursaries Commitee Chair Susan Scorey.

Is the 20th century law publishing model broken?

Monday, 6 April 2009

An interesting and potentially worrying story here from the Life of Books Blog on how Reed Elsevier and Thomson Reuters are losing yes losing money. From the introduction to the Blog post " just looked up Reed Elsevier’s and Thomson Reuters’ stock quotes for the recent past. In the case of Thomson, Yahoo! Finance’s charts only go back a couple of years, and in the case of Reed Elsivier they go back much further. If stock is any indication of anything at all, it’s the company’s profitability. And over the long haul, both companies are not doing well at all. The charts show a general decline"

So why would these two companies be losing money in this manner? One word say the author "foresight"..."failed to create the next generation of information product when they had the means. They’ve stayed loyal to what they know: sell what you’ve got, and keep it that way! Instead of innovating and using the tools at their disposal and distributing their product with the greatest of ease, they have priced themselves and their products out of existence"

I don't entirely agree with the assertion that they have "priced themselves and their products out of existence" life has certainly become more difficult for Legal Publishers. This will continue for as long as we're in the grip of a recession as Law Firms and other organisations consolidate their hard-copy and online subscriptions. But the end of these companies....perhaps not...

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Will £50m outsourcing deal end in-house LIS?

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

This is the attention grabbing news headline from the April 2009 edition of the Library & Information Update. The deal in question is the one between Osborne Clarke and Integreon which has seen 80 Business Services staff including Library Staff "transferred to work at centre in Bristol"

The article describes the deal in more details including the details of the teams moved and the impact the deal with have on personal and professional development. The question is, this a good move and will we see more of this type of outsourcing?

For a law firm the idea of sharing services might seem appealing especially in the current financial climate. I would question whether for those people who were working at Osborne Clarke the deal is a good thing and what this might mean for any Law Librarians who firms are considering outsourcing. What do BIALL members think though?

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