Law Libraries transformed

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The BIALL Blogger really enjoyed reading the first line of a recent article on So for your enjoyment here it is in full "Law libraries have evolved to become a service offered by talented professionals whose expertise can now be accessed at anytime, anywhere"

High fives for us all, but what does the article "Law Libraries transformed" go on to say? The article starts by looking at how Law Libraries have developed over the last 30 years from "a place" to a service which lawyers can use from their desktop. The article goes on to look at some of the other factors which have influenced the development of Law Libraries including law firms establishing dedicated marketing departments and the reduction of space provides for library services.

Sadly the article then goes on to discuss how "...library service providers have become a viable alternative to the in-house operation and management of information resources" So basically we're talking about outsourcing! The authors, it should be noted that both the authors wokr for Integreon, outline five areas, where they believe there are major benefits to using a library service provider, they are:

  • Access to experts with specialized skills
  • Access to specialized information
  • Regional "super libraries" and "niche" collections
  • Lower administrative burden
  • In-depth training

I'm not going to discuss these in-depth because someone else has already done it on the 3 Geeks and a Law Librarian Blog you should read that blog post right after reading the Law Libraries transformed.

Sadly for Law Librarians based in the UK outsourcing is a real "threat" and something that we all need to be aware of and if necessary prepared to deal with.

LIS New Professionals Network (LISNPN)

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Are you new to the profession or thinking about a career in Librarianship? then you'll definitely want to have a look at this new resource which has been built by Ned Potter (Life-Share Project Officer at the Univeristy of Leeds) and author of the Wikiman blog. The resource is described in article in the Library & Information Gazette as a "one stop shop for those who've entered the information profession in the last decade or so, and want to interact with their peers"

The BIALL Blogger has had a quick look at LISNPN and it does look quite good, there are forums on a wide variety of subjects, events listings, RSS feeds and a links section. All in all it looks like a useful resource for anyone new to the Library professional. Sadly the BIALL Blogger is neither new or professional so doesn't qualify for the site!

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One last light grilling!

Monday, 16 August 2010

In case you're thinking our ex-President could escape without one final grilling from the BIALL Blogger you were wrong. In her final "grilling" the BIALL Bloggers asks Immediate President about her experiences of being BIALL President.

BB - The BIALL Conference finished just over two months ago, how do you think it went and what did you most enjoy?

I really enjoyed the conference – despite having to make 8 speeches in 3 days.
It was a really awarding being a part of the conference from its conception to
its realization and it really made it an especially relevant and worthwhile
experience for me. I also pretty enjoyed my room in the Grand Hotel with a sea view!

BB - What did you most enjoy during your year as BIALL President?

I know this is a safe answer – but probably everything. I can’t think of anything that I hated or didn’t enjoy

BB - What do you consider to be your "greatest" achievement?

2009-2010 was a pretty tricky year financially – so it was an achievement for BIALL (and not just me) – that we managed to get through this period with a growing membership and healthy bank balance. I remember a previously Chair saying to me at the BIALL 40th Party that no one wants to be remembered as the person in charge when the boat sinks – and that was very much in my mind and I’m glad to say that BIALL is still afloat

BB - What are you going to miss?

Committee meetings – as they are a good way to network and gossip!

BB - What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining a BIALL Committee or thinking about becoming more involved with BIALL?

Definitely do it! I first became involved 10 years ago and I have found it really enjoyable both professionally and personally. In my current role as Past President – I will be resurrecting the Nominations and Volunteers Committee – in order to try to get volunteers to fill posts on Council and on Committees. So if anyone is thinking about joining but has doubts and queries – do feel free to contact me and I will tell you all what is involved.

BB - What advice would you give an incoming President?

Make sure you practice banging the BIALL gavel and enjoy your year as 365 days flies past very quickly

BB - If you could would you change the name of the Association?

Too much time has been spent in the past discussing the BIALL name – and the problem is that no one has ever come up with anything better. It “does exactly what it says on the tin” and unless anyone can think of anything more appropriate – we should just stick with it. Everyone knows us by this name and it is memorable!

Many thanks to Daniella for answering another set of questions from the BIALL Blogger those will definitely be the last!

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