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Friday, 26 November 2010

Maybe you've thought about it a dozen times … but never quite took the plunge! You know how good it would be for networking, learning new skills and also to have some fun but you never really knew what it involved, whether it would be far too much work and also how to join.

Well – if that sounds like you – check out our new page on the BIALL website:

The Nominations and Volunteer's Committee has just been revamped and relaunched – offering a central place to find out whether there are any vacancies on an any of the committees. Why not have a look today!

Does it pay to hire a law firm Librarian?

Monday, 22 November 2010

"If you were designing a law firm today, would you even have a library? I think many, including me, would answer, “Probably not.” As long as the Internet exists, information that was in a law library will be available online. So why bother, right?" Is the attention grabbing first paragraph of the rather interestingly named "Does it pay to hire a law firm Librarian?"

There are plenty of comments as you can imagine in response to this article and several follow up blog posts including the following;

If you read any of these blog posts you'll see that the original post by Patrick Lamb has created quite a hoo ha in the US and even though the blog posts all have a US focus the discussion can easily be applied to Law Firm Librarians in the UK.

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New resources for government, legal, health and corporate libraries

Friday, 5 November 2010

BIALL members might be interested in this announcement from CILIP yesterday.

"CILIP has launched a selection of tools for those working in special library and information services. These tools will help demonstrate the value and impact of library and information services, assess whether they deliver good value for money and provide early identification if the service is at risk of reduction"

The tools include:

  • Resources lists that bring together selected reports and articles that demonstrate the value and impact of special library and information services
  • Risk checklist to help identify whether your library and information service is a possible candidate for resource reduction
  • Ten point guide to the key aspects of current good practice help to reflect on the key question 'Are we delivering value for money to our organisation?'

This looks like a very useful list of tools/resources for anyone working in a special library.

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BIALL Salary Survey results published

Thursday, 4 November 2010

The 2010 Salary Survey is now available for download from the members' area of the BIALL website.

Follow the links from the Publications section to the members-only archive for this year's survey and for past years too, back to 2003.

Olwyn Mitchell
Membership Services Committee