The Supreme Court - Live!

Monday, 16 May 2011

The UK Supreme Court, in a bold move can now be watched live on the Internet. The press release from the Court tells us;

"Sky News has today launched a live stream of the court’s hearings and judgments, as they happen, via their website at
The Supreme Court is exempt from the prohibition on filming court proceedings in England, Wales and Northern Ireland*, and has four cameras installed in each of its three court rooms, but until now use of footage has generally been limited to news coverage and occasional documentaries.

The move means that legal professionals, students and members of the public interested in the work of the Supreme Court do not have to travel to London to see proceedings. The website contains direct links to the Supreme Court’s own summaries of each case, to enable viewers to read some background material."

For some interesting perspectives on the development try Max Atkinson's Blog , and the UK Human Rights Blog.

This is a good moment to mention that generally for coverage of the UK Supreme Court the best place to go is the UKSC blog who have terrific coverage of all the upcoming cases.

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