Which Social Network Should I Use as a Librarian?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Library and technology guru Phil Bradley has a thoughtful and detailed piece on his website which is worth reading; "Which Social Network Should I Use as a Librarian?". It begins by giving a bit of a round up of the main networking sites Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and mentions some I'd not heard of (who knew about the social network Zombie Passions?) .

It then moves onto using social media as a search resource making a series of points about how social media can be used to tap into the knowledge of others. Although as Phil points out this is not always understood;

"This is where 'social' and 'friends' becomes a hinderance, not a help. The easiest way to deal with a problem is to pretend that it doesn't exist - this is why 48% of Britain's businesses have banned Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites from the workplace, and it's why the other 52% will thrive."

Phil finishes up with some practical tips about navigating the sea of social media and does answer the question he poses in the title. My suspicion however when you get to the answer - is that you won't like it...

Still definitely worth a read.

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