This year's hash tag - #BIALL2011

Monday, 28 March 2011

In preparation for the 42nd BIALL annual study conference and exhibition we are promoting #BIALL2011 as the official hash tag for the event.

We are encouraging attendees at the conference to use the #BIALL2011 tag when tweeting about the conference, offical and the not so official. Anyone who unfortunately can't attend in person can keep up with what's going on by using the hash tag in twitter to see the latest news, gossip & critical information, for example, how good the chocolate biscuits are this year!

Lets see if we can get it 'trending', whatever that means!!!

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AALL 2011 - Why Not Apply for A Bursary?

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Philadelphia - home of the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the Philadelphia Phillies, the Philadelphia Cheese Steak and in July 2011 - AALL. Yes - the American Association of Law Librarians Annual Meeting and Conference is taking place in "The City of Brotherly Love" between the 23rd - 26th July 2011. AALL as it seems to be known (in much the same way as people refer to the annual BIALL Study Conference as simply BIALL) is absolutely massive with as many as 2,500 attendees in recent years. As a huge conference a huge number of things are happening at anyone time. The mind boggles when looking across the sheer number of different sessions. If the BIALL blog found itself in Philadelphia it would certainly attend the keynote address by Dalia Lithwick a Senior Editor at Slate , would feel duty bound to hear the talk entitled "Delaware: the First State for Corporation Law", and would be fascinated by the transatlantic point of view on offer at "Legal Eduction for Law Practice: Teaching Legal Research in a Practice Environment." If you are interested in attending why not apply for a bursary? You will find the full details on the BIALL website here. If you are successful you would be a little over 3 months away from a professional experience of a lifetime and maybe even a culinary one too.

Are you LinkedIn?

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

3 Geeks and a Law Blog:
Really Want Those LinkedIn Connections To Work? Connect With Your Librarian!

This post explains the potential of being connected on LinkedIn and the access to profile information when you are "no further than 3 connections away". The key, it seems, is not only to be on there (or be square) but to be well connected.

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A quick reminder:

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

If you are free next Tuesday and in or around the Manchester area, this may be of interest to you:

Where: Kro Bar, 325 Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PG
When: 22nd March 2011
Time: 6:30 to 8:30pm

Is your information service ‘Future Ready’?
Allan Foster will be leading an evening session to explore issues of the future readiness of corporate libraries and information services. He will be using the results of his 2011 Business Information Survey, to be published concurrently in late March in Business Information Review, to identify current practice and future priorities for SLA members. In the light of the Survey findings, the audience will be asked to focus on the question “what will be the key skills required of information professionals in the next five years?”

Allan Foster is an information industry consultant and writer, previously Director of Information Services at Keele University and a senior information manager at Manchester Business School, Lancashire Polytechnic, Sheffield Polytechnic and the British Institute of Management. E-mail:

If you are interested then please complete the online registration form.

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A Wiki for Vendor Relations?

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Sarah Glassmeyer has had a radical idea. An idea that she herself volunteers "will cause me much more trouble and drama than it will ever be worth".

Her idea is to set up a "up a wiki where librarians and other interested parties can share information about all aspects of the library/vendor relationship".

Putting it this way makes sound fairly unexciting. However Sarah - a self styled "law librarian -LibPunk - Information liberator" explains on her blog how the idea germinated from a notion of a need for a "wikileaks for library contracts". Which makes it sound much more alarming!

Glassmeyer is a US Law Librarian and looks like it will be focused on vendor relations in the USA - but it is an interesting development nevertheless.

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BIALL 2011 - Newcastle

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Details of the BIALL 42nd Study Conference in Newcastle are now available to view on the BIALL website.

This includes the full programme which you can find here . Glancing down the programme you will find plenty to interest you. From the sequel to arguably last years most talked about session"The Integeron Model - A Year on", to the Keynote Address "Going off the Road with KM" or just the provocatively titled "Sharepoint and the Naked Law Librarian" something will grab your attention.

If like me you love a bargain or just want to make your budget stretch that bit further make sure you book before May 6th and qualify for the Early Bird Discount.

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