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Thursday, 25 August 2011

12 Tips For Maximizing A Small Office Space

I particularly like the idea of labelling cables!

11. Label your cables

"Label both ends of all your cables. Either use cable tags or a black Sharpie on white cords and a silver Sharpie on black cords. The last thing you want to do is get stuck under your desk, crammed in the small space, having no idea if you're unplugging the right cable," says Doland.

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The BIALL Conference Committee Call for Papers is out now!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Our Programme roadmap "No Frontiers - Crossing the Borders of Legal Information" encourages us to look beyond borders and broaden our horizons...

Whether you are an accustomed speaker, or new to the Conference platform, we encourage you to submit your ideas to the Conference Committee Team.

We look forward to receiving your submissions by Friday 7th October.

BIALL 43rd Annual Study Conference & Exhibition
Thursday 14 June 2012 to Saturday 16 June 2012, The Hastings Europa Hotel, Belfast

The British and Irish Association of Law Librarians (BIALL) was formed in 1969. It is an independent and self-supporting body which was established to represent the interests of legal information professionals, and other suppliers of legal literature and reference materials, in the United Kingdom and Ireland. There are over 700 members of BIALL, both personal and institutional. Almost every legal information unit is represented - academic legal research libraries, units in commercial, technical and industrial concerns, the courts and government departments. The diversity of the membership is one of BIALL's strengths as the members form a close network and share specialist knowledge and concerns, learning from the experience of others.

In 2012, BIALL plans to offer a programme encouraging us to look beyond borders and to broaden our horizons......

•Explore the idiosyncrasies of UK and Irish law; consider the complexities of researching in areas where previously centralised powers are now devolved
•Managing risk to manage reputation – investigating and researching both national and international clients
•International Law firms – providing a “firm wide” Library
•Meeting the challenges of conflicting office time and time zones when training an International Library team
•Freedom of Information – accessing information across jurisdictions
•Get to grips with the challenges that European Union law presents – What law does the EU make, how does it make it and where to find it…
•The status of Islamic, Sharia law, in the UK and its jurisdictional implications
•Look wider afield to other jurisdictions that UK and Irish legal information professionals are more frequently being asked to research – Australasia, Asia, USA, Canada
•Using the borderless social networking tools to communicate with and inform clientele

In addition to the Call for Papers reflecting our proposed broad theme, the BIALL Conference Committee is intent on providing supplementary sessions reflecting both specifically requested topics and topics that remain current to the legal information professional. These include

•“Competitive Intelligence” and the “Risk Management” processes – how can the Library/ Legal Information Department contribute to this process
•Standards and ethics in use of Cloud based technology for storing legal information
•Trends in the provision and delivery of legal information both in-house and outsourced
•Researching Business Information
•Outsourcing – an objective assessment
•Social media continued…..trends and uses for legal information professionals;
•Trends in the legal information publishing environment
•Marketing - Increasing the visibility of our information units
•“Hard Copy v Soft Copy (or both!)” - How to make effective decisions and negotiate constructively with publishers in relation to collection development
•Trends in Knowledge Management
•Preparing and presenting budgets to decision makers; managing an effective tendering process
•Management skills and personal development
•Enhancing our Presentation skills
•Delivering an effective training programme
•The implications of introducing Ebook technology

This list is by no means exhaustive and submissions for alternative presentations are most welcome.

We are inviting speakers from within the legal and information world to submit proposals for papers which fit within this brief. The conference programme is a blend of plenary sessions lasting 45 minutes and delivered to approximately 250 delegates, and parallel sessions lasting 60 minutes and delivered to between 30 and 80 delegates.

Actual presentations should last between 25 and 30 minutes in the plenary sessions, and between 35 and 40 minutes in the parallel sessions.

Although the emphasis of the Conference should be on the broad themes set out above, we encourage all submissions for sessions so long as they are on topics of current interest to the membership.

Parallel sessions are usually streamed and reflecting the positive feedback we will aim to continue to stream according to sector (eg academic, law firm, general interest) as well.

As already outlined, the Association's members and Conference delegates hail from many jurisdictions, principally England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Ireland. In addition the Conference will comprise delegates from the academic, corporate, professional societies and court/government sectors with a mix of senior and junior staff. Not all subjects lend themselves to a multi-jurisdictional multi-sector approach, but these aspects of the audience should be borne in mind, especially for plenary sessions.

Although a professional association not run for profit but for the benefit of its members, BIALL can offer speakers a package which normally includes a contribution to travel expenses, overnight accommodation, attendance at the conference on the day of the presentation, and a modest honorarium.

The BIALL Conference Committee will consider proposals for papers on the basis of abstracts. An abstract should be between 250 and 500 words long, providing a clear idea of the content of the presentation, an indication of its target audience, and an opinion as to whether it is best suited to a plenary or parallel session.

The abstract should be accompanied by a short biography, ideally between 150 and 200 words long, outlining relevant professional experience, publications, and papers delivered at previous conferences, seminars or training events. Submissions for plenary sessions should specifically include details of previous speaking experience at similar conferences.

Informal enquiries can be made to the Programme Co-Ordinators Niamh Burns at and Beverley Oliver at or the Chair of the Conference Committee, John Furlong at

Examples of previous programmes, speaker biographies and session synopses can be viewed at under “Conferences”.

Abstracts should be submitted by email to and and, no later than Friday 7 October 2011.

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E-Petition for Libraries

Friday, 12 August 2011

E-Petitions are the hot topic at the moment. At number one is the petition arguing that convicted London rioters should be deprived of their benefits. The petition has more than 200,000 signatories making it the first petition that has hit the 100,00 threshold and will be put to the House of Commons Backbench Business Committee to be debated in Parliament. Other hot topics have 15,000 people arguing that capital punishment should be restored and a presumably different 22,000 people arguing that a ban on it should be retained. More than 100 petitions have been accepted and are live on the site.

Holding it's own within the top ten, with 5,104 signatures is a slightly less controversial petition and one you may wish to support, a "Petition In Support of Public Libraries". In full it reads;

"I, the undersigned, believe that libraries are an essential local educational and information resource yet with many libraries under threat, the future of the library service is at risk. I want to see the value of libraries recognised at both local and national levels and I am calling on the Government to honour both its commitment to act as a champion of the library service, and its duty of oversight to ensure that a comprehensive and efficient library service is provided."

If you choose to support it you can do so here.

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Changes to Linkedin Privacy Policy

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Linkedin has recently changed its privacy policy. As it stands, if you do not change your personal privacy settings, Linkedin can use your name and photograph for advertising purposes.

If you would like to change the setting, follow the instructions below:

Go to your name in the right upper corner
Click on "settings"
Click on "account" in the left lower corner
Click on "manage Social Advertising” (you will see the default is set to allow Linkedin to use your name and/or photo (if you have one) in advertising)

Thanks go to Sarah Froggatt for keeping us in the loop.

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Library open evening at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

You are warmly invited to visit the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies on the evening of Monday 5 September 2011 for the Library open evening. Our speaker will be Dr Peter Webster, Manager of SAS-Space, the digital repository for the School of Advanced Study, and editorial controller of British History Online. The evening will include refreshments and an optional tour of the IALS Global Law Library. All legal information professionals are very welcome to attend, whether from universities and law schools, law firms, chambers, government agencies and departments, the commercial and voluntary sectors, or solo professionals. The event is free of charge, but please let us know if you would like to attend, for catering purposes.

Date: Monday 5 September 2011

Time: 6:00 – 7.45 pm

Venue: Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, School of Advanced Study, 17 Russell Square, London WC1B 5DR.
The IALS building is on several floors at 17 Russell Square, with lift and stair access to all floors.

Map of location:


5.30 pm Arrival and Welcome

6.00 pm “Making an online journal: Amicus Curiae and the SAS Open Journals” - Dr Peter Webster. Peter’s talk will be followed by questions and discussion. Amicus Curiae is the journal of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS)/Society for Advanced Legal Studies (SALS).

6.45 pm Refreshments. An optional tour of the IALS Library will also be available at this time, lasting approximately 15 minutes.

7.45 pm Close of evening

If you would like to attend please email:
Gerard Power
Access Librarian
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
University of London

Good News For Libraries!

Monday, 8 August 2011

At a time when good news is in short supply the CILIP Information and Advice Blog has an interesting post praising the government response to the Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Property. It begins;

"It is perhaps rare to praise a Government response. But the Government's response to the Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Property (IP) and Growth in the UK is simply a good news story for library and information services, and above all their users..."

Read it here.

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