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Monday, 16 January 2012

Every year the Awards & Bursaries Committee approve a number of bursary applications for members to attend the BIALL Annual Conference and we look forward to doing the same again this year for the Belfast Conference. If you’ve never considered applying for a bursary before, and have assumed that it’s going to be a long and complicated process, then let me disabuse you right now of that notion, because it isn’t! The only essential criteria for applying is that you are a personal member of BIALL. Once you have satisfied that point, you need to demonstrate how the conference programme will benefit you in your role and / or your employer – which sessions in particular are you looking forward to and why; are there any sessions that specifically relate to aspects of your job and whether you are going to feedback on the conference to other colleagues unable to attend. Evidence of professional involvement (either in BIALL or in the wider professional sphere) will help an application, but is not a “deal clincher”, so new professionals in particular shouldn’t be put off from applying on that score. Even if an application is initially considered to be weak, the Committee will contact the applicant with specific questions designed to draw out the kind of information mentioned here – so we really do all we can to help applicants succeed. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Contributed by: Angela Donaldson

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I understand applications for bursaries will be invited once the conference programme is published to members (no date as yet but it won't be long now so keep an eye out!)

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