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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

BIALL Conference: I need to go!
Attending the BIALL Conference is all about opportunities.
There are so many it is difficult to know where to start but the main thing is that it contains something for everyone.
Probably the two most important reasons to attend are the opportunity to learn new things and the opportunity to meet people.
Put like that it sounds simple, but that one sentence covers so much.
The opportunity to learn may include:
  • learning more about what you are doing now and possible ways of improvement
  • learning how other people are approaching the same issues that you are facing
  • learning about future developments in legal information
  • learning about legal information sectors other than your own
  • learning about new products
The opportunity to meet people includes:
  • meeting people in a similar situation to yourself and exchanging experiences
  • meeting people from other sectors and other jurisdictions
  • meeting up with your existing suppliers and perhaps some new ones
  • meeting new friends and catching up with old
The conference is the one place where these strands are drawn together and all these opportunities are offered in the space of a few days.
I would urge anyone in the profession who hasn't made one yet, to either apply for a bursary or ask their manager about attending
So, if you can, please join us in Belfast.

Contributed by: Loyita Worley

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