The New Moys Edition is Nearly Here!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Important news has reached the BIALL Blog.  Bridging a ten year gap since the fourth edition, the fifth edition of the Moys Classification and Thesaurus for Legal Material is finished and is being readied for publication.

As BIALL members will know, the scheme created by Elizabeth Moys is a leading classification scheme for law materials and is used worldwide.  Edited by Diana Morris the new edition includes new concepts such as global warming, climate change and the restructuring of natural resources and environmental law.

It will be published  by De Gruyter  on the 26th November in a striking orange cover and will cost £178.

BIALL President James Mullan commented

"This new updated edition promises to be bigger and better and will assist many Law Librarians with the organisation of their resources. The publication of this new edition is due in no small part of the hard work of Diana Morris and her team. This team included Sarah Spells, Law Librarian and Deputy Head of Teaching and Research Support at SOAS Library, who unfortunately passed away before the work on the new edition was complete."

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