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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

An Oscar not a LILAC

The BIALL Working Group on Legal Information Literacy (Emily Albon, Ruth Bird, Natasha Choolhun, Peter Clinch, Tracey Dennis, Julie Ferris, Kathy Jacob and Loyita Worley) has been nominated for an award for the BIALL Legal Information Literacy Statement! 

The Credo Reference Digital Award for Information Literacy is a CILIP award for promoting Information Literacy.  It will be awarded at  LILAC - that's the Librarians’ Information Literacy Annual Conference.

The LILAC website gives more details;

 "The CILIP Information Literacy Group is pleased to announce for the second year running an award for innovation in digital resources for IL, generously sponsored by Credo Reference.  This recognises an individual or group who develop the best new digital resource for promoting IL. The winner will receive £500 for personal use and £500 for their nominated charity."

You can find a full list of nominees by visiting the website here.

But what you are more likely thinking is I should read this potentially award winning piece of work!  You will find the Legal Information Literacy Statement is on the BIALL website right here.

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